Steam/Hot/Cold Pressure Washer . . .

The SPW-2000

The SPW-2000 is our portable Steam/Hot/Cold machine. You can adjust the temperature for tough cleaning jobs. The unit also has a selector switch for cold, hot, or steam applications.

It features a 5HP electric motor, heavy-duty Cat pump, diesel, propane, or butane burner with electronic ignition system. This portable unit has a 43" frame with 10" pneumatic tires and 50' high pressure hose/gun.

It is exclusive to the marketplace. Even a single operator can easily clean heavy machinery and buildings thoroughly.

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Power: 5 HP.Single Ph, 230v 60HZ
Variable Pressure: 200-2000PSI.(145Bar)
Flow Rate: 3.5 gpm
(15.17 LPM)
Fuel Tank: 8 gallons (included)
Temperature: Cold/Hot/Steam
Hot temp
200°F (93°C)
Steam temp
250°F (148.9°C)
Burner Fuel: diesel, propane or butane
Weight (dry): 415 lbs cabinet/drive unit
Dimensions: 38” x 26” x 43”
Heating Coil: Stainless Steel (exclusive)
5 hp Pump Motor - efficient cleaning
Powder Coated - resists corrosion
Quick-Disconnect Nozzle Fittings - simple connections, no tools needed
43” Frame with 10” air tires - easily transported
Chemical Injector - adds chemicals after the pump
50’ High Pressure Hose - easy cleaning
Temperature Selector Switch - control temperature for various cleaning jobs.
Electronic Ignition - easy starting
Dual Lance - Two spray nozzles for easy cleaning

Pressure Washers

What makes our pressure washers better?
  • Commercial Rated
    Pumps (2000hrs)
  • Powder-Coated
    Durable and strong
  • Variable Pressure
  • High GPM
    moves debris out faster
  • Industrial Wands/Nozzles
    Easier for operator and longer life
  • Heavy Duty Frame (on Selected Models)
    Easy to transport.
Please Note: This unit can stand upright in most commercial vans.