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GI Industires manufactures and distributes a
complete line of Tube/Duct/Pipe Cleaning
machines, Flexible Shafts, Pressure Washers,
and Vacuums that are made with the customer
in mind.

GI Industries Inc. has a long tradition in developing the next generation of high-quality industrial maintenance equipment. Specifically, we manufacture and distribute tube cleaners and pipe cleaners, duct cleaners, vacuums, inspection systems, pressure washers and other maintenance equipment. We also build and design custom products for unique or difficult applications.

GI Industries maintenance equipment is used in many institutions. Some of our customers are: universities, manufacturing plants, petro-chemical plants, municipalities, Federal Government Buildings, airports, hotels, commercial heating & cooling contractors, aquariums, US Coast Guard, cogeneration plants, hospitals, high-technology plants, building maintenance companies, research facilities, marine, utility plants, OEMs, police departments, US Embassies, steel companies, pharmaceutical companies, foundries, ship yards, refineries, automotive plants, wood processing plants, greenhouses, colleges, school districts, and the US Military.

These customers have a wide range of uses for GI Industries products. The Tube Cleaning Systems are used to clean chillers, firetube boilers, condensers, processing equipment, evaporators, aftercoolers, absorption units and heat exchangers. Pipe Cleaning Systems, clean everything from watertube boilers to specialized cleaning of manufactured pipes.

GI Industries Wet/Dry Vacuums can recover anything from dust, dirt, metal chips, hazardous waste to liquids fast and efficiently. Our product line includes electric and air powered systems. Take a look at our unique design of the liquid recovery pump-out vacuum.

Our new Steam/Hot/Cold Pressure Washer is the true workhorse. This unit can clean hardened grease, oil, grime and other debris by simply dialing in the correct temperature. Other units are electric, gasoline and diesel. One of our most popular and versatile units is the EPW-1500. Companies have found this to be a great unit for many applications such as: cleaning cooling towers, drains, sidewalks, graffiti removal, heavy machinery cleaning, flushing condenser tubes, prison cell cleaning, vessel/marine hull cleaning and industrial kitchen cleaning.

Air quality is always a primary concern and GI Industries offers a complete line of Duct Inspection and Duct Cleaning Equipment. The IR-2000 is based on Night-Vision technology to provide clear picture inside ductwork even in complete darkness. Once the duct is inspected, it needs to be cleaned with one of our Duct Cleaning Systems. The DCM-600 series is a heavy duty machine that can clean flex, insulated, round, rectangle, square and steel ductwork thoroughly.

GI Industries is not just known for high quality maintenance equipment. It is also known for its custom department. These Custom Products are designed to your specifications with quick deliveries. Please look into our website or call us with your specific application.

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