Electric Pressure Washer . .

The EPW-1600

The EPW-1600 is our compact pressure washer for cleaning heavy debris in kitchen ductwork. This unit has variable pressure control (100-1450psi.) and 2.2 gpm. And can handle up to 140 degrees of hot water for quick efficient cleaning. Two multi-spray nozzle extensions, one straight and one 90 right angle for cleaning under machinery, 100' of high pressure hose for duct spinner.

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Drain Cleaning Accessories:
DLN-014 Laser Nozzle
DRN-014 Ram Nozzle
DCH-025 Drain Cleaning Hose 3/16" x 25'
Horsepower: 2HP, Single PH. 120v
Pump: Rebuildable & rated for 2000HR
Service Factor: 1.15
PSI: 100-1450 variable
GPM: 2.2
Cord: 35' w/GFI
Chemical Injector: Yes
Weight (dry): 120 lbs.
Wands: Straight Multi-spray 90 degree angle

Dual Purpose:
Grease Ducts, Cleans drains, sidewalks, machinery, etc.

Variable Pressure:
Powerful cleans Light to Heavy Duty dirt/grime

Pressure Washers

What makes our pressure washers better?
  • Commercial Rated
    Pumps (2000hrs)
  • Powder-Coated
    Durable and strong
  • Variable Pressure
  • High GPM
    moves debris out faster
  • Industrial Wands/Nozzles
    Easier for operator and longer life
  • Heavy Duty Frame (on Selected Models)
    Easy to transport.