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Designed to Your Specifications

GI Industries Inc. has a decade of experience in the flexible shaft market with its own custom shop. Call us if you have a unique or difficult application and GI Industries will design and build the flexible shaft for your specific need. Some applications are:

  • Marine Propulsion Systems
  • Drilling Shafts
  • Flexible Drive Shafts
  • Machinery Drive Shafts
  • Flexible Cable Assembiles
  • Aeronautic Controls
  • Flexible Hand Tools
  • Polishing Tools
  • OEM

Flexible shafts can be made in any length from a few inches to over 70 feet in length.

Here are some questions that need to be answered in order to build your unit:

  1. What is the application?
  2. What length is needed?
  3. What is the torque load?
  4. What is the bend radius?
  5. When do you need it?

Let us be your custom house!

Quick Turn-Around GI Warranties its shafts.

Flexible Shafts

What makes our shafts better?
  • Aluminum Nut/Manifold
    (Longer life, resists corrosion)
  • High Visiblity Nylon
    (The first in the industry)
  • Universal Design
    (Will attach to any machine)
  • Field Repairable
  • Hardened Steel Core Cable
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