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Boring / Cleaning / Polishing Brush

The SB-500 is the perfect brush for cleaning hard or partially plugged tubes. This brush is made of silicon carbide and contains no metal bristles which can damage tubes. The boring section is made of 40-grit nylon impregnated bristles that are 1/2" diameter for easy boring through plugged tubes. Once the material is removed, the second half of the brush is designed to be oversized and the bristles fold back to clean and polish the tube walls. This polishing section is made of 320-grit nylon impregnated bristles that are 1" diameter for complete polishing of the internal walls. The SB-500 is versatile and can be used on many different size tubes. The tube is bored out, cleaned, and polished in only one pass.

SB-500    Boring and Cleaning Brush

Tube Plugs
Leaking tubes? These one-piece tapered brass plugs are excellent for sealing!

TGB-250 Brass Plug 1/4" for 1/4"-7/16" ID.
TGB-350 Brass Plug 7/16" for 3/8"-9/16" ID.
TGB-500 Brass Plug 5/8" for 1/2"-11/16" ID.
TGB-700 Brass Plug 3/4" for 11/16"-13/16" ID.
TGB-900 Brass Plug 7/8" for 13/16"-15/16" ID.
TGB-1000 Brass Plug 1" for 15/16"-1 1/8" ID.
TGB-1200 Brass Plug 7/8" for 1 1/16"-1 7/32" ID.

Flexible Shaft Lubricator

SL-100 Lubricator for protecting flexible shaft from rust.
SL-101 8 oz. Lubricating Fluid.

Crimping Accessories
This block makes it easy to repair shafts.

CT-100 Crimping tool for flexible shafts (include punch)
CT-101 Crimping punch

Polishing Tools

Recommended for cleaning light to medium scale deposits, or for finishing/polishing tubes previously cleaned with other tools in ferrous or non-ferrous tubes. Cannot be used in enhanced tubes. Note: Clockwise rotation only

BT-100 Buffing Tools for tubes 3/8"- 1/2"ID
BT-101 BT-101 Replacement Blades for BT-100 (Stainless Steel Blades)
BT-200 Buffing Tools for tubes 1/2" - 5/8"ID
BT-201 BT-201 Replacement Blades for BT-200 (Stainless Steel Blades)
BT-300 Buffing Tools for tubes 5/8" - 1"ID
BT-301 BT-301 Replacement Blades for BT-300 (Stainless Steel Blades)

Boiler Tool Attachment
Accessory Gun for cleaning boilers, 2-piece tool that includes boiler gun and nozzle.
Nozzle should be smaller than I.D. of boiler tube.
Nozzle sizes: 1.5", 2", 2.5", 3", 3.5"
Please inform sales department which nozzle size is required.

Boiler Tool Attachment

Replacement Drive Couplings

DC-100 for FS-100 series shaft
DC-200 for FS-200 series shaft
DC-300 for FS-300 series shaft
DC-400 for FS-400 series shaft
DC-500 for FS-500/600 series shaft

Replacement Tool Couplings

TC-100 for FS-100 series shaft
TC-200 for FS-200 series shaft
TC-300 for FS-300 series shaft
TC-400 for FS-400 series shaft
TC-500 for FS-500/600 series shaft

Repair Kits for Flexible Shafts
Includes all the accessories needed to maintain your shaft. Each kit has 1 crimping tool with punch, 4 tool couplings, 4 drive couplings, 1 shaft lubricator, and 4 bottles of lubricating fluid (16 oz. bottles).

FS-200R FS-200 series repair kit
FS-300R FS-300 series repair kit
FS-400R FS-400 series repair kit
FS-500R FS-500/600 series repair kit


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