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Duct Cleaning Brushes This remarkable brush is made of soft nylon fibers that gently wipes duct work without damaging walls. These brushes are single strand bristles which will not get caught on sheet metal screws or duct flanges.
For use on FS-200H & FS-300 series
DCB-004 Duct Cleaning Brush 4" Dia (dryer vent) Soft Nylon
DCB-005 Duct Cleaning Brush 5" Dia (dryer vent) Soft Nylon
DCB-006 Duct Cleaning Brush 6" Dia (dryer vent) Soft Nylon
DCB-008 Duct Cleaning Brush 8" Dia (dryer vent) Soft Nylon
For use on FS-400H & FS-500 series
DCB-012 Duct Cleaning Brush 12" Dia. Soft Nylon
DCB-014 Duct Cleaning Brush 14" Dia. Soft Nylon
DCB-018 Duct Cleaning Brush 18" Dia. Soft Nylon
DCB-024 Duct Cleaning Brush 24" Dia. Soft Nylon
Duct Blockage Bag
This inflatable bag blocks off the ends of the duct so debris is captured by the vacuum.
DBB-012 Inflatable Duct bag for 10"-13" ducts
DBB-014 Inflatable Duct bag for 12"-15" ducts
DBB-018 Inflatable Duct bag for 10"-19" ducts

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