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DCM-600 DCM-500 DCM-100
Heavy Duty-Commercial/Residential Commercial Portable
Accessories VAC-605 IR-2000
Accessories HEPA VAC Infrared Inspection System
Accessories IR-3000
High Flow Commerial Infrared Inspection /w Recorder

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DUCT Cleaning

What makes our duct cleaning systems better?
  • High Performance Brushing
    Unique design breaks static cling of particles on walls and reduces Vacuum CFM.
  • Forward/Reverse Controls
    Easier for operator and better scrubbing on walls, including rectangle ducts.
  • Variable Speed Brushing (selected models)
    Slow for flex/insulated duct
  • Air Flushing (brush head)
    Pushes debris and moves it out faster
  • Heavy Duty Frame (selected models)
    Easy to transport
  • Operates on 110V
    Ease of use
  • Compact/Portable
    Easy to use in buildings and homes (see diagram)