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Tube-Cleaning Services - Come see us for Tube, Duct, Pipe Cleaning Machines, Flexible Shafts, Pressure Washers, & Vacuums for your building.

GI Industries now services, repairs, and maintains tube cleaning machines. We currently service and maintain GI Industries and other Tube Cleaning machines. Below is a general list of servicing units for in-house service.

Remember: Always replace your seals. It is the first item that can ruin a machine.

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Part Number Description
SR-200 Total Tune-Up - diagnostics of machine.
Replace: V-belt, O-Ring seal, internal shaft seal, manifold shaft bearing, inlet screen, and new pulley. Align motor and pulleys, lubricate components, polish drive shaft, hone and clean manifold, check and inspect electrical, systems and grease bearing (where applicable) and add flexible shaft cap. For: TCM-1000, TCM-1000H, TCM-500, other brands, (additional cost required for the automatic-clean/lube shaft drive.)
RS-03 Repair Mod - This modification virtually eliminates trigger jamming.

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