Dual Purpose Boiler/Chiller Machine


TCM-1000H Example

TCM-1000H Example

Chiller Gun

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The TCM-1000H

If you have both Boilers and Chillers to clean, the TCM-1000H is the right product. This innovative system thoroughly cleans firetube/watertube boilers and all chillers, condensers etc. The TCM-1000H spins the brush inside the tubes and breaks the deposits from the tube walls. Negative Air flow from the vacuum removes the deposits quickly and efficiently. Operators stay clean.

To clean chillers, disconnect the vacuum, change the flexible shaft/brushes and attach the water hose. You are ready for chiller cleaning.

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Horsepower: 1HP, forward/reversible
Power: Single Ph, 115v 60HZ
13.5 amps
Service Factor: 1.15
Power Cord: 24' with GFI
Footpedal: 10' pneumatic
Flexible Shaft Speed: 862.5 rpm (high torque)
Weight (dry): 44 lbs. cabinet/drive unit
22 lbs. – frame/dolly


19" x 15.5" x 10.75"


46" x 21"x 17"
Contractor's Package
Contractor's Package
Part Number-TCM1001H
1-Boiler/Chiller Machine 1-Boiler Flexible Shaft 25'
1-Chiller Flexible Shaft 25' 2-Carbon Steel Boiler Brush 2"
24-Nylon Brushes 5/8" 24-Polish/Cleaning Brushes
1-BTA 100 Boiler Gun 1-Shaft Lubricant
4-Lubricating Fluid (8oz. ea.) 1-Repair Crimping Block
4-Tool Repair Coupling 4-Drive Repair Coupling
1-Commercial Boiler Vacuum
Package Under $3,700.00

Tube Cleaning

What makes our Dual Purpose machine better?
  • Clean both Boilers & Chillers
  • Spins Brush Twice as Fast
    Thorough scrubbing, better cleaning.
  • Pumps 60% More Water
    Moves debris out faster.
  • Forward/Reverse Controls
    Easier for operator and better cross scrubbing on walls.
  • Heavy Duty Frame
    Easy to transport.
  • 1-HP Motor
    Strong and powerful.
  • Heavy Duty Seals
    Longer life.
  • Self-centering Steel
    Flange Bearing, smoother running.