Hot Water Pressure Washers . . .

GI Industries has a full line of hot water machines for every application. Our units have variable pressure controls, commercial rated pumps, industrial hosing, and durable frames. Call us for other models and applications.

HPW-1000 (110v)1000psi
HPW-2000 (220v)2000psi
HPW-1700 (6HP)1700psi
HPW-3000 (11HP)3000psi

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Chemical/soap injection after the pump, 20' x 3/8" high pressure hose with quick disconnect. 2 wands straight and right angled with multi-spray nozzle. Burner Diesel or Kerosene. Cart with 10" pneumatic tires.

Pressure Washers

What makes our pressure washers better?
  • Commercial Rated
    Pumps (2000hrs)
  • Powder-Coated
    Durable and strong
  • Variable Pressure
  • High GPM
    moves debris out faster
  • Industrial Wands/Nozzles
    Easier for operator and longer life
  • Heavy Duty Frame (on Selected Models)
    Easy to transport.