The TCM-3000 "Little WIZARD".... Cutting, Grinding, Cleaning, and Re-Instating

TCM-3000 The Little WIZARD Complete Package for under $5,600

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This innovative product has set the new standard in plumbing!

The TCM-3000 not only spins the cutting head at various speeds, but simultaneously flushes debris with either water or compressed air at the brushhead. Our Heavy Duty cleaning machine features an electric motor with brush speeds from 0-1750 rpm and maintains constant torque. It is designed with a soft-start circuit that reduces operator fatigue and machine wear, giving you more control cleaning all pipes from ½"-48". Removing deposits is easy with our unique Air/Water Flushing at the brush head. As the brush spins, compressed air/water comes out of the brush-head to remove the debris fast.
"New" To give the operator more control in cleaning, GI Industries has designed a switch which will allow the operator to choose Rotation, Reverse Rotation, or Neutral for just flushing with compressed air or water.

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Horsepower: 3/4 HP, High Speed
Power: Single Ph, 110v 60/50hz
or 220V 60/50hz, 5 amps
Transmission: Forward/Reverse/Neutral
Overload Protection: Resettable
Flexible Shaft Speed: 0-1750 rpm (High Speed)
Direct-drive system
Control Foot Switch: Pneumatic 20' long
- activates shaft rotation and Air/Water flow
- forward/neutral/reverse rotation by hand switch
24' GFI Cord: Shock Protection (Ground Fault Circuit)
Weight (dry): 45 lbs cabinet/drive unit
Dimensions: Cabinet: 18" x 9" x 10.5"
Contractor's Package
Complete Contractor's Package
1 - TCM-3000 Drilling/Reaming 1 - Expandable Root Cutter
1 - Flexible Shaft 100' 1 - Complete maintenance set
1 - Flexible Shaft 50' 2 - Universal tool attachments
1 - 4" Pipe Cutter "Re-instater" 1 - Freight included
1 - 4" Flex Hone 40 grit abrasive
Complete System Under $5,600

Pipe Cleaning

What makes our TCM-3000 series better?
  • Variable Speed Control
    Slow for drilling
    Fast for grinding
  • Water/Air Flushing
    Moves debris out faster.
    Cools cutting head.
  • Forward/Reverse and Neutral Controls
    Forward for drilling.
    Reverse for polishing.
    Neutral for dislodging.
  • Powerful Electric Motor
    3/4 hp, draws only 5 amps
  • Light Weight
    Easy to transport.
and Made in the U.S.A