Backpack HEPA Vacuum

The VAC-605 is the perfect ergonomic backpack vacuum for cleaning hazadous waste in many industrial environments. The product features a 110v. motor (1.25 HP), 95 CFM, 88" static lift, 45' electrical cord, 2.5 gallon tank.

This compact vacuum is light wieght and portable. The VAC-605 includes a vacuum hose, cervice tool, duct brush, and utility tool.

A great product for cleaning blowers, HVAC coils, industrial powders, or general maintenance.


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Weight: 14 lbs.
Dimension: 16" x 22" x 14"
Filtration: 99.97% @ 0.3 micron

Duct CLeaning

What makes our commercial vacuums better?
  • Commercial Rated
  • Powdered Coated
    (Durable & Strong)
  • High CFM
    (Move debris out faster)
  • Industrial Hoses/Tools
    Easier for operator & long life
  • Heavy Duty Frame
    Easy to transport